The Benefits Of Security Devices

Keep your loved ones secureMany convicted burglars admit that if a home is protected by an electronic security system, they will choose another target. Following are some of the most common questions regarding security alarms.

  • If I move, can I take it with me? Sorry, no. But the good news is, the alarm company will often install a new system for free. And, if your new house already has one, there is usually just a small administrative fee to get it up and running for you.
  • Who pays for false alarms? If you have an alarm that is wired into your community’s emergency response system, your county or city will likely levy a small charge.
  • Is my alarm useless if the power goes out? Most alarms come equppied with an 8-hour battery to keep the alarm up and running while your lights are out.
  • What happens to the monitoring if the phone line is cut? A back-up system that uses radio waves ensures that the central monitoring center is still able to keep tabs on you.

TIP: There are a lot of items you can buy to help fortify security in your home. Here are some of the most popular. Depending on your circumstances you may want to consider using some or all of them.

“Protected by” Yard Sign:

Warns potential intruders that your home is protected with the power of an electronic home security system.

Barrier Bars:

Protect particularly vulnerable areas of your home, such as small basement windows.

Closed-Circuit TV:

Miniature video cameras connected to your television let you see what’s happening on your property whether it’s inside or at your doorstep.

Door and/or Window Contacts:
Recommended for all doors and windows at ground level, windows near trees or shrubs, and doors and windows that are dark or hidden from view.

Glass Break Detector:

These sensors are suited for large windows, patio doors, sunrooms and other expanses of glass. They detect glass breaking or vibrating and can alert you to an intrusion.

Outdoor Siren and Strobe:

Noise and flashing lights can alert you and your neighbors of an emergency.

Overhead Door Contacts:

Protect the larger entryways of your home, such as a garage door.

Motion Detector:

Detects movement in rooms, hallways, and on stairs.

Wireless Panic Button:

Lets you call for help at the touch of a button.

Monitored Fire Detection System:

A monitored smoke detector not only sounds an audible alarm, but also automatically sends a signal to the fire department.