HID Global is the trusted leader in providing access and ID management solutions for the delivery of secure identity. HID Global is focused on creating customer value worldwide with technology-based access solutions, issuance solutions, embedded technology solutions and logistics technology solutions.

As a leading manufacturer of secure identity solutions and contactless smart card technology for physical access control, HID is selected more than any other brand in the convergence of physical and logical access control. In addition, the company develops, manufactures and markets ID components, products and services typically deployed with national ID and e-passport programs, corporate access control, supply chain management, animal tagging, financial transactions, transport and various industrial or manufacturing solutions.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, HID Global has over 2,000 employees worldwide and operates international offices that support more than 100 countries. HID Global is an ASSA ABLOY Group brand.

HID expands the flexibility of its products by adding multiple-technology capabilities to its entire product line. Users of HID products can select the specific technology combination that best suits the needs of different applications, or they can add yet another level of security by using multiple technologies at each door.

This provides users the ability to seamlessly upgrade to new technologies and add new applications. For increased security, users can incorporate a photo ID or anti-counterfeiting element such as a hologram or ultraviolet ink on their credentials.

HID Customers
HID’s products are exclusively sold through a well-established network of OEMs, distributors and integrators worldwide. End-users of HID products and solutions include businesses and organizations in virtually all industry sectors with a need to protect or control information or people. These include government, healthcare, retail, industrial, commercial, airports/ports, financial and educational institutions to name only a few.

HID Partnerships
HID’s development partners produce many innovative products and applications. Through HID Connect, our contactless technologies lead the way for other manufacturers to use our products in original and distinctive ways. Our solutions are the technology of choice for cutting-edge application solution providers. Alliances with best-of-class development partners allow end-users to experience the power of hardware and software solutions that increase security and optimize efficiencies in a variety of applications.

HID Locations
HID’s corporate offices are located in Irvine, California. Operations serving the Americas are also based in Irvine, with regional headquarters in Haverhill, England (EMEA) and Hong Kong (Asia Pacific). The company also maintains regional offices throughout the world for localized assistance.

Major Technologies/Products

13.56 MHz Contactless Technology
Experience in developing card technologies puts HID Global in a unique position to play a critical role in the evolution and adoption of smart card technology. HID’s market-leading, flexible, high-frequency product lines demonstrate the company’s commitment to support 13.56 MHz technologies. Our open architecture offerings make up the industry’s broadest range of open standard contactless smart card products, available from over 40,000 resellers worldwide.

  • iCLASS® – Optimized to make physical access control more powerful, iCLASS 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology provides versatile interoperability and is used in diverse applications including access control, network log-on security, biometrics, cashless payment, handheld/mobile/wireless applications, logical access, time and attendance and more.
  • OMNIKEY OMNIKEY creates ready-to-use PC smart card reader devices as well as advanced smart card terminals for special markets like e-health and national ID. OMNIKEY smart card reader chip sets and custom PCB’s are used by leading computer and peripheral makers to embed smart card reader technology into OEM products, like keyboards and notebooks. OMNIKEY products are designed to support any smart card for any application on any computer.
  • FlexSmart® MIFARE and DESFire – The interoperable, ISO 14443A-compliant FlexSmart family of contactless smart card products provides customers a totally flexible platform from the simplicity and security of HID Format MIFARE readers to completely customizable (keys and format) secure MIFARE and DESFire reader solutions. Keypad reader models (for high traffic use) and a wide variety of credentials (including cards, tags and keyfobs) are also available.
  • SmartID™ MIFARE and DESFire –SmartID customized contactless access control readers and cards offer maximum interoperability and programmability. They provide unique capabilities, such as reading standard and specialized MIFARE (sector) and DESFire (application) data structures off ISO14443 technology-based credentials. SmartID readers can be configured to read any third-party formatted cards.
  • Sokymat Sokymat’s expertise encompasses all areas of radio frequency identification, both in terms of frequencies – 125/134.2 kHz, 13.56 MHz and UHF – and in terms of RFID system components: chips, tags, antennae and readers. Sokymat provides the most appropriate transponder technology and packaging solution compatible with the specific features and constraints of an organization’s RFID system.

125 kHz Proximity Technology
Built from HID Prox, the market leader in contactless cards and readers for access control. Our global reputation for delivering quality, value, partnership, and service excellence to our customers is unsurpassed in the security industry.

  • HID Prox – For security managers, dealers, integrators and OEMs, HID proximity cards and readers are recognized as the industry standard for physical access control. HID Prox products are robust, affordable and seamlessly integrate with access control systems.
  • Indala Prox – Featuring FlexSecur® security coding, the high-quality Indala line of 125 kHz Proximity readers combines intelligent programming technology with interchangeable components including uniform modules and a range of stylish cover designs.

Multiple Technology
Designed for customers who are upgrading their current card system from HID Prox to HID iCLASS credentials or cards, the customer has the ability to transition to contactless smart cards over time while incorporating the use of multiple card technologies within a single building or across multiple facilities.

  • multiCLASS™ –The multiCLASS multi-technology card reader combines Prox 125 kHz proximity and iCLASS® 13.56 MHz contactless smart card and reader technologies into a single reader. Also reads MIFARE, DESFire, FIPS201 and Felica CSN formats.
  • SmartTrans SmartTRANS readers are multi-technology card readers designed for customers upgrading their current card system from the most popular proximity (125 kHz) technologies to ISO14443 (MIFARE/DESFire) cards.

Identity Solutions

  • Asure ID® – The award-winning Asure ID photo identification software line, featuring the iDIRECTOR™ technology platform, allows multiple applications to be loaded onto a smart card via a single, seamless process, making it easier for end- users to deploy multi-card applications in an enterprise environment.
  • Fargo – Fargo ID card printers, software, systems and materials are used in access control systems, time and attendance tracking, asset protection and other applications.    Fargo HDP5000 and HDP600 Card Printers feature High Definition Printing™ (HDP®) (reverse image technology), for high-level security and large applications especially when smart cards are used. Fargo DTC550, DTC400 and Persona® C30 printers use Direct-to-Card (dye-sublimation) technology, the most commonly used ID card printing technology.

Networked Access Solutions

  • Edge™ – The HID EDGE IP Access Solution is a full line of flexible and configurable IP-enabled access control processor and host interface solutions, including the award-winning Edge Solo (a cost-effective, stand-alone, single-door access control solution), EdgeReader™ (with integrated iCLASS® reader) and EdgePlus™ (allowing connection to any Wiegand or most clock and data readers). Designed to provide complete and full-featured access control infrastructure and contactless smart card capability at “the edge” of the network for stand-alone or OEM software host systems, Edge products require less wiring, are cost-effective and are ideally suited for today’s IT-centric security environment.
  • VertX CS – For central station managed access control, VertX CS controllers provide fully functional access control. As easy to install and configure as typical alarm/intrusion systems, VertX CS is seamlessly integrated with industry leading central station software.

Embedded Solutions
HID has embedded solutions that enable development partners to produce many innovative products and applications. Through HID Connect, our contactless technologies lead the way for manufacturers to use our products in original and distinctive ways. Our solutions are the technology of choice for cutting-edge application solution providers aiming to increase security and optimize efficiencies in a variety of applications.

Market Segments Served

  • Education – HID Global helps education professionals secure facilities and improve administrative efficiency to aid in academic excellence. HID’s solutions and services provide long-term savings on security costs, improving managed access to educational resources while reducing administrative complexity.
  • Financial – HID’s smart card-enabled products offer flexible solutions that address multiple layers of security requirements in the financial services industry. Improved security can enable more efficient back-office operations and customer service. HID’s offerings encompass the industry’s broadest range of open standard smart card products.
  • Contactless Payment – For contactless and contact-based, EMV-compliant and proprietary financial transactions systems, HID Global offers a comprehensive portfolio of smart card and RFID products and services, including MasterCard PayPass® certified and Visa contactless compliant products.
  • Industry & Logistics HID manufactures a broad range of standard RFID products and offers support and expertise for customized solutions. The items to be tagged or the logistics process to be controlled with RFID technology call for individual products that are tuned for each specific purpose. HID tags and readers are used in applications as diverse as tracking pallets, jewelry, pharmaceuticals and automation line processing.
  • Food and Animal Tagging – HID, a leading provider of RFID transponders, supplies the decisive RFID part to system integrators who build food and animal tracking solutions. Solutions may incorporate RFID transponders in packaging, glass tags embedded in a bolus or e-unit rods and discs for ear tags. HID’s wide range of RFID transponders in various sizes and form factors tracks not only livestock and pets but also fish, exotic animals and food items.
  • E-Government Solutions – E-government solutions include electronic passport documents, driver’s licenses and national ID cards; and e-health cards and terminals. The RFID, biometric and smart card technologies in HID e-government solutions provide advantages over traditional paper-based documents, such as more cost-effective administration, faster and easier verification, greater durability, increased data privacy and greater protection against counterfeiting.

HID Company History
1991 – Formed as Hughes Identification Devices, a subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft
1995 – Became a subsidiary of Palomar Technological Companies, changed name to HID Corporation
1996 – Acquired Sensor Engineering from Echlin, Inc., adding Wiegand technology
2000 – Acquired by ASSA ABLOY AB
2002 – Became part of the ASSA ABLOY Identification Technology Group (ITG)
2006 – Acquired Fargo Electronics
2006 – Launch of HID Connect, the hardware and software partnership arm of HID Global
2006 – Formation of HID Global, combining HID and Indala brands of access control readers and cards, secure card solutions, digital identity and photo card management software solutions, Interlock custom card manufacturing services, BUGA electronic cylinders and secure card issuance solutions from Fargo Electronics
2007 – Acquired Integrated Engineering, adding responsive, flexible platform of MIFARE-based reader technology
2007 – Launch of Crescendo, a series of smart cards for physical and logical access control, and EDGE, a revolutionary IP-based access control solution
2008 – Merger of HID Global and ASSA ABLOY Identification Technology (ITG)