Nitek International LLC is a Rolling Meadows, Illinois based company with a primary focus on design, development and manufacturing of high performance, reliable CCTV transmission systems. Customers in virtually every segment of commerce, industry and government have come to depend and rely upon Nitek products for their CCTV transmission requirements.

Twenty-five years ago, the founders of Nitek made a commitment to find and fill vital needs in the area of video security with useful, cost-effective products. The result of that commitment has been a continually developing, diverse line of products for the transmission of video. Initially, the Company concentrated primarily on unshielded twisted pair (UTP) video transmission. Six years ago a new CCTV system solution, named UTPLinks was conceived and developed to provide video, power and data over structured cabling networks. The Company was issued U.S. Patent 7,193,149 for this system. Since UTPLinks was introduced, Nitek has continued to develop innovative upgrades and improvements to anticipate and accommodate technological advances. These Nitek products have become an integral part of the security backbone; typically transparent to the system user, but critical to the system performance and the end result. Today, numerous sizeable camera installations are utilizing UTPLinks for the distribution of power, video and data within CCTV systems.

Recently, the Company embarked on new product development programs in the area of video transmission. As a result, Nitek has introduced several unique IP-based products as an entry into this arena, with more products scheduled to come in the near future. In addition, the Company is introducing a complete line of Fiber Optic transmission products, these will include some unique products, previously unavailable in the U.S. market.

Nitek systems currently enable safety and security in a wide range of applications, such as government installations, casinos, schools, hospitals, sports complexes, transportation facilities, warehouses, large distribution facilities, retail stores, industrial complexes, shopping malls, corporate campuses and numerous other applications throughout the world.

Nitek products are developed and manufactured in the United States of America.